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6 Top Reasons for Hiring a Professional Landscaping Company

Posted on: January 28th, 2021

Tending to your lush, green yard is an excellent way to add value to your home. Americans spend an average of $503 per household annually on lawn care and gardening activities. According to Statista, the landscaping service industry generated combined revenue of approximately $99 billion in 2019, up from $69.8 billion six years prior.

Sadly, most homeowners do not have the time or the zeal to consistently offer the right lawn care, viewing it as a bothersome chore. Professional landscaping companies that offer Landscaping Virtual Assistant services are an ideal option for Oklahoma property owners who wish to keep their turf in top shape, taking the pressure off the homeowner’s shoulders. Here are six benefits of choosing expert landscaping services.

1. Expert Care and Ideas

Planning and designing your landscaping is a complexity that may require a seasoned expert’s services to bring your dream lawn to fruition. Professional lawn care companies employ certified arborists, among other lawn care experts, to ensure that your yard and gardens are attractive and functional. You can receive advice on the natural grasses and trees you can plant that will acclimatize to your location. They can also help you choose which bulk landscape materials to buy and use in your garden.

2. Save Time and Money

While everyone loves a lush, green turf, not every homeowner may have the luxury of time to carry out the actual work on the lawn and garden. Hiring expert landscaping services allows property owners to free up their schedules. You may not have to worry about mowing, cleaning up the chippings, sharpening the blades, or edging your yard because the next thing to do is to hire a service that does all the cleaning work at affordable cost and y0u can learn here to know about the best affordable service available in town.You can also save on the cost of purchasing gardening equipment. Americans spend over $104 billion on garden tools annually.

3. Increased Property Value

Landscaping can significantly boost your curb appeal and boost your home’s overall valuation. Expert landscapers like MCD Contracting point out a 5.5 to 12.5% increase in the property value. Strategic planning and design of your backyard and lawns can help create a well-manicured garden that can attract more potential buyers.

4. Year-Round Services

Landscaping goes beyond digging holes, watering, and mowing your grass. Most professional landscaping contractors have comprehensive packages that also incorporate fertilization, irrigation, and pest control services. You can create a customized package that meets your specific lawn care needs. The landscaping companies can help maintain your garden and lawn throughout the year. Check out Rochester landscape designs by peterspatiolandscape if you need the best landscape and garden designs.

5. Efficient Pest and Weed Control

Annual weeds produce an average of 25,000 seeds per plant over their lifetime, a figure that can rise to over 250,000. Weeds seeds can lie dormant for five to 10 years before germinating. A landscaping professional can help establish mitigation plans to prevent an invasion of weeds and pests on your lawn. Experts point out that the most efficient weed control mechanism is a healthy lawn that snuffs out any weed species growth.

6. Better Energy Efficiency

The designs and concepts provided by the professional landscaper can help create a more energy-efficient home. You can also get the assistance of professional tree services like Riches Tree services which will help you in removing and replanting trees. You can investigate this site and get expert advice to know the right place and space required when planting your trees and shrubs. Carefully placed trees can save up to 25% of the energy use in a typical household.

Landscaping plays a vital role in beautifying your lawns and gardens. Hiring professional lawn care and tree trimming companies can help you achieve the results much faster and at a cheaper cost. With the help of experienced tree services keeping your trees nice and healthy you’ll have a very appealing yard. You can leverage their expertise for a lush, green turf for your home.

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