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10 Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid

Posted on: October 2nd, 2020

If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you probably care about how your lawn looks. In fact, 67% of Americans take on landscaping projects to make their homes look better. However, lawn care can be tricky to master. Here are 10 mistakes to avoid if you want to have a lush, green lawn to enjoy.

No Landscaping Services

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to lawn care is not getting landscaping services. Landscaping companies can take care of the seasonal tasks that you might not be doing, such as fertilizing, pest control or animal removal, fall and spring pre-emergent applications, or controlling disease and fungus. You can also get landscaping services to adjust the pH level in your soil or to treat your flower beds.

Not Knowing What’s in Your Soil

A common mistake that homeowners make is not knowing what’s in their soil. One of the first things you should do is test the soil. You can hire landscapers to do it for you or you can get your own soil testing kit. The test will reveal what kind of soil you have, if there are any deficiencies, and can tell you what type of fertilizers or treatments you should be applying.

Not Being Safe

Unfortunately, many people aren’t as safe as they should be when it comes to lawn care. If you don’t hire someone to do landscaping services for you, be sure to follow the directions closely for any type of lawn application or pest control. You can take the guidance and help of a pest control service like pest control puyallup that offers healthy, comfortable, and clean environment solutions. Overuse can be dangerous to children, adults, and pets. It can also scorch your yard and plants. Before mowing, you should always pick up large rocks, sticks, or sprinklers. And always wear protective gear before heading outdoors, including long pants and sleeves, closed-toed shoes, safety glasses, and gloves.


Lawns typically require about an inch of water per week. However, many people think that they should water every day. In fact, you should only water the lawn about twice each week.

Watering at the Wrong Time

Heat and sun can dry out your yard, so don’t turn on the sprinklers at the hottest and sunniest time of the day. Water in the morning when it’s coolest. You’ll want the water to reach about six inches below the surface. Use a shovel or spade to dig up a spot where you can see how deep your water is reaching.

Cutting it Too Short

The ideal grass height is 2 to 3 inches. Some people will cut their grass even shorter in the hopes they won’t have to mow as frequently; however, this can leave you with dry or dead grass. And don’t get too attached to a mowing schedule—you may need to mow more frequently in the spring and less frequently in the dryer summer months.

Using Dull Blades

If you’ve ever seen scarred or uneven lawns, the homeowner could be mowing with dull blades. To get an even and clean cut, make sure to sharpen the blades frequently—typically once a month.

Using the Wrong Fertilizer or Pre-Emergent

Homeowners may think they’re doing the right thing by applying fertilizer or pre-emergent, but many don’t know what kind to apply or when to apply it. You can end up with a scorched yard or one full of weeds from ineffective applications. You may want to use slow release fertilizer or consider landscaping services to do the job for you.

Not Aerating

One reason that fertilizers might not be working on your lawn is because you aren’t aerating. You need to punch these small holes in your yard in the spring and the fall so that water and fertilizer can reach beneath the surface. If the soil gets too compacted, you may not be able to get a healthy lawn.

Neglecting Your Lawn

Of course, people get busy. However, neglecting the lawn can lead to bigger problems down the road. If weeds are allowed to take over, you may have to start over. In fact, perennial weeds can last for more than two years. If you don’t have time to take care of your yard, you may want to hire a landscaper to do it for you.

Lawn care doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Avoid these common mistakes, and you’ll be enjoying your backyard again in no time.

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