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8 Questions to Ask When Choosing Lawn Services In OKC

Posted on: August 23rd, 2021

<p>Lawns are a huge part of the contemporary American lifestyle. There are approximately 40 million acres of lawn in the United States, occupying 1.9% of the total landmass. Turfgrasses are the single largest irrigated crop in the nation. Professional lawn care services are critical for the proper design, maintenance, and management of lawns. </p>

<p>But how do you choose the right lawn services? Here are eight questions to guide you in identifying the right landscapers for your home. </p>

<h3>1. How Long Have You Been in Business? </h3>

<p>You may need to determine the level of experience and expertise of the lawn professionals. Longevity in the industry may speak of a company’s services. You may need to find experts that will find quick turf solutions before your grasses dry out. Inquire about their licenses, insurance, and certifications. </p>

<h3>2. What Lawn Services Do You Offer? </h3>

<p>Landscaping companies provide various landscape installation and lawn services, including design, construction, and management of the turf. You may need to inquire about their areas of specialization, for example, tree trimming, stump grinding, etc. Learning what they included in the service package can help you determine if the contractor can meet your residential or commercial landscaping needs. </p>

<h3>3. What’s Your Pricing? </h3>

<p>A Harris survey shows that Americans spend over $28.5 billion annually on lawn care services. You may need to figure out how much you are willing to pay for your green turf and seek a landscaping company that can fit within your budget limits. Request for multiple quotations from different lawn services providers and compare them. You may need to find an appropriate cost-to-value ratio before accepting the cheapest quote you find. </p>

<h3>4. Can You Provide a Portfolio of Your Previous Projects? </h3>

<p>An easier way to assess the quality of the lawn services provided by a landscaper is to request a portfolio of past works. Examining other projects, they are currently handling or have completed can give you a complete view of what to expect. </p>

<h3>5. What Approach Do You Use? </h3>

<p>More Oklahoma residents are increasingly concerned about the products used in the lawns. You may need to inquire about the landscaping company’s approach to their lawn services. If you prefer a company that adopts organic practices, countercheck its green landscaping measures and techniques. </p>

<h3>6. Do You Offer Guarantees for Work Done? </h3>

<p>Reliable landscapers are ready to stand by the quality of their work. You can inquire if the company provides any guarantees for the applications and products used on your lawn. Ensure the warranties are written down as part of the contract that both parties will sign. </p>

<h3>7. Who Can I Contact If I Have Any Concerns? </h3>

<p>Another critical factor to keep in mind is the commitment to customer service. You may have concerns that arise with the routine fertilizer applications or mowing of your turf. You may need to find a company with established communication structures to make it easier to address your issue. Does the landscaper provide free service calls to alleviate any concerns you might have? </p>

<h3>8. Are You Open to Feedback? </h3>

<p>Your lawn will have problems from time to time. Things like excess growth, weeds, fungus, and pests are all issues that may arise in the coming years. Only an honest company will accept responsibility for these matters and help you resolve them with no fuss. If you notice a problem in your yard, make certain that the service provider is willing to deal with it by asking follow-up questions about what they would do if an issue occurs. The best thing to do is choose someone who knows how to take care of lawns regardless of any external factors (whether they be weather or infestations). </p>

<p>Maintaining your lawn may be a hectic process that may have you outsource the lawn services. Asking the right questions can help you narrow down your options and find the right landscaper for the job. To schedule an appointment with a lawn care provider in OKC, reach out to Watson’s Weed Control. </p>


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