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Destroy Irksome Weeds Sooner Than Later: Lawn Care Services in Edmond, OK

Posted on: February 18th, 2020

Lawn care services in Edmond, OK, entail way more than mere fertilizing and spraying and are, therefore, the best lawn care services. A healthy lawn is a weed-free lawn, and weed control is a year-round requirement.  Here’s the skinny on all-too-familiar culprits and the ways that a weed & lawn expert can help.

Weeds, Death & Taxes: Universal, Inevitable

Although different types of weeds thrive from region to region, most common culprits flourish everywhere. Dandelion, crabgrass, chickweed and buckhorn plantain pop up just about everywhere.

Some weeds tend to populate more successfully according to season. That’s why preemergent herbicide treatments are essential before spring and fall primarily. These are the times of the year when dormant seeds awaken and capitalize on favorable weather conditions. Annihilating them requires a well-timed deployment of powerful chemicals.

More Than Just Weed Control

Weeds form the cornerstone of an entire mini ecosystem in the garden that supports fleas, ticks, pests, disease and fungus. These culprits are irksome and dangerous to the garden, but they also pose threats to the health and safety of people and pets.

Weed control experts boasting comprehensive, dynamic strategies typically address weeds as well as the pests and rot that their presence encourages. Tweaking a game plan to a particular property and the owner’s unique goals only requires a quick discussion of needs and expectations.

Next, the weed specialist sets a convenient date for the customer and then arrives at the designated time. A full treatment can take less than an hour. However, ensure that you have called in only the professionals to take care of this crucial job.

For more info, call Watson’s Weed Control, a longtime provider of premium lawn care services in Edmond, OK.

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