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The Benefits of Landscaping Turf Solutions

Posted on: August 4th, 2020

Annual weeds (meaning weeds that die every year) are able to produce many seeds in their lifetime, averaging around 25k per plant and topping out at a much larger 250k per plant (depending on the plant and season). This means that, if left unchecked without proper landscaping maintenance and care, weeds can quickly overcome your lawn. That is reason enough to invest in synthetic grass and turf solutions for the health of your lawn, but, just in case, here are a few more reasons why landscaping services could be just the thing your home is missing.

Lawn Health and Landscaping

As I stated in the beginning, lawn care services from Watson’s Weed Control can help you with turf solutions, weed control, and fertilization for your lawn.  Going beyond weed control, landscaping can help ensure that water – whether it be from rain or snow runoff – won’t pool in your yard or cause damage to the basement and foundation of your house. As you know that there are many great design options for hardscapes, so by making sure that the landscape has proper drainage and runoff, landscaping can maximize the benefit of the natural land and send the water where it is needed. If your home is part of an HOA, you may ask if there are any restrictions when it comes to HOA landscape maintenance.

Pest Control

Landscaping services are for more than simple lawn care and maintenance. Many companies also offer affordable pest control services, to help you clear your property of unwanted pests such as fleas and ticks, ants, and any pests that are encroaching on your home. Attempting to get rid of them yourself can be tedious, and dangerous, if you use dangerous materials and pesticides without the knowledge of proper applications. Professional landscapers not only know how to get rid of the press easily and permanently, they also know how to use quality pesticides safely to protect your family and pets.

Increase the Energy-Efficiency of Your Landscape

A little known benefit of landscaping turf solutions is that it can increase the energy-efficiency of your property. By using the cooling effect of grass, and placing trees in key areas of your home, you can lower the air-conditioning needs in the summer, and can make your yard a pleasant, cool place to hang out. So if you are looking for a turf for sale, make sure to reach out to professional landscaping specialists.

Enhance the Natural Beauty of Your Property

This benefit may seem obvious, but it is worth mentioning. Landscaping can enhance the natural beauty of your home and yard, and landscaping professionals can help you maximize the natural resources of your property, and use the land, water, and landscape to the maximum benefit. In addition, it can allow for easy navigation through your yard, allowing you to make use of your whole property. Having outdoor living spaces on your property can improve the quality of live, and give you and your family the space you need to grow.

Add Investment Value to Your Home

All of the above points lead to the final, added benefit of adding investment value to your home. Having a well-maintained lawn and property can be the quickest way to add value to your property. This is a value that will only increase over time, as the plants, flowers, and trees grow over the years, becoming more lush and fertile. Not only do you get to enjoy your beautiful property and home, but if, in the future, you decide to sell, you will have a much easier time of it than if you had neglected your property and landscape.

Landscaping is more than simple weed control. Lawn health, pest control, energy-efficiency, natural beauty, enhanced lifestyle, and adding value to your home and property are all benefits of proper landscape maintenance. Contact your local landscaping company to get started on building a landscape fit for your home.

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