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The Importance of Flea and Tick Control for Your Lawn

Posted on: June 1st, 2021

Every pet owner knows that once the weather is regularly above freezing you need to start flea and tick prevention. Most homeowners, however, do not think about treating their lawns or don’t realize that there may be a lawn services contractor that treats the lawn for fleas and ticks. By hiring professionals, you can create a defensive barrier to help keep your home free of these pests.

Importance of Tick Protection

Scientists have found at least a dozen new tick-borne diseases in the last 50 years. With the American trend of returning a corner of their lawn to nature, this makes the U.S. a hot spot for tick-borne diseases. This is because those reclaimed spaces tend to have long grass and some faux log seating and are designed to attract native mammals, making a hospitable home for ticks. Preventing ticks on your property can protect your pets, kids, and the local wildlife.

Importance of Flea Protection

Fleas are tenacious creatures that can stay in their egg stage for extremely long times, only waking up to become biting nuisances when they sense heat. This means their eggs can survive long winters, making your lawn come alive in the spring with tiny, bouncing, biting, bugs. While most pets and people have mild bite irritation, some have extreme allergic reactions that can lead to swelling and rashes in people and fur loss in pets. A lawn services company will help you create a way to block fleas from your family and your home.

How To Keep Your Lawn Safe

One of the best ways to keep your lawn safe from fleas and ticks is to hire a company that provides lawn services to make sure you are using the safest tick and flea prevention techniques. There are a few steps you can take before your contractor comes out as well. You can create a mulch or wood chip barrier around your reclaimed corner to prevent ticks from jumping into the recreational area of your lawn. Removing any old yard furniture and keeping your lawn mowed regularly will also prevent these nasty pests.

Your lawn services contractor or landscape companies in Atlanta, GA will be able to assess the steps you’ve taken and provide a plan to keep your yard protected. This is typically done in connection with weed management and regular fertilization to keep your lawn a green sanctuary for your whole family.

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