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What You Should Really Know About Controling Weeds

Posted on: August 3rd, 2022

Weeds can be cumbersome, especially if you value the aesthetics of your landscaping. They not only leave your land looking unkempt but also eat up nutrients intended for your intended plant life. Check out a few things you should know about controlling weed growth at your home, and how to know when it’s time to use a weed control service.

Avoid Digging up Soil Often

When you dig up part of your land, you can raise the dormant weed seeds. Remember sunshine plays a big role in the germination process. When the weed seeds get exposed to sunlight in the presence of moisture and nutrients from the soil, they will thrive to become actual plants. Unless digging up the dirt is necessary, then you might consider adding decorative stones or mulch to keep the weeds from reaching the sunlight.

Hire a Weed Control Service for Help

It is common for homeowners to get rid of their weeds as the dryer months approach. There is one benefit to pulling weeds in the more rainy season, which is wet soil makes for easy weed picking. When the soil gets soggy, the root of weeds isn’t held as securely underground. If the weeds are out of control, consider working with a weed control service that has the equipment and knowledge to manage your weeds during any season.

Consider Mulching

When your intended plants are grown for the season and the weeds are still in there then mulching is the best option. Mulching benefits your crops by retaining their moisture for some time and also provides a home for the bugs that will feed on the weed seeds. It also keeps the weed seeds from sunlight which means they do not get to thrive at all.

Take Your Method of Planting Into Account

Weeds tend to do well in the gaps that are left during planting. When planting crops, plant them close together to deprive weeds space for their roots to thrive, and also as the plant life grows it forms a natural shading with their leaves overlapping each other. This means there will be little sunlight reaching undergrowths. Without sunlight, weeds typically will not grow as fast or large.

Controlling weeds on your land can be easy when you use these strategies. A weed control service is a call away when you need them to help you curb your weeds. According to Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, weed seeds do not always grow immediately, as some can take up to 5 or 10 years to germinate. Contact us today for a quality weed control service you’ll love!

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