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Common Types of Weeds to Watch For

Posted on: March 24th, 2021

There is nothing as annoying as working on your lawn for a while only to notice some weeds sprouting up, ruining the look of your garden that can be looked over by the best lawn care in Carrollton, GA. In Oklahoma, the most common types of weeds that you will find in lawns include:


This herbaceous plant grows annually, mainly in winter. Even though homeowners consider this weed a pest in their gardens, custom pool company in New Orleans like Couvillion’s Landscapes states that it also has a few benefits. In traditional Chinese medicine, it was used to treat skin diseases and dermatitis. Traditional medical practitioners considered this weed a natural remedy for medical issues like asthma and constipation, among others. This plant barely survives a hot and dry climate but thrives in moist weather conditions.


This weed has some pretty flowers, and some might even consider keeping them in their lawns. However, this annual weed can become a problem if you do not manage it with weed control services. It produces thousands of seeds that will float across your lawn when it is windy and then reproduce. Try to get rid of them as soon as possible to avoid this problem. However, if the problem becomes persistent, you can hire weed control services to come and get rid of them.


This weed can escape a mower’s blades due to its shape and how it grows close to the ground. It grows annually with stems that are light in color, branching out like crab legs. Just like most annual weeds, the crabgrass can become a menace in your lawn if left to spread out. Annuals weeds have a habit of producing seeds in large numbers. In fact, the average number of seeds is about 25,000 per plant, with some producing as high as 250,000. This means that if you do not call weed control services, expect the crabgrass to germinate the following year in your lawn.


Clover is a perennial weed that suffocates desirable grasses and becomes dormant in hot weather. While some people do not mind having clover on their lawns, it dries up and leaves brown patches that are very unattractive during hot weather. One advantage of clover is that it helps in affixing nitrogen to the soil, which is beneficial.


This weed resembles crabgrass, but it does not grow as tall. You can find it in high traffic areas, mainly in June, July, and August. It has a strong root system that invades even hard compacted soil environments.

It is best to uproot weeds when you notice they have started germinating on your lawn. However, if you cannot, you can hire weed control services to help with the job.

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