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What Are Spring Pre-Emergents?

Posted on: April 30th, 2021

A key part of any home’s curb appeal is an attractive and weed-free lawn. Keeping your lawn in its best shape is often a labor of love, especially because many weeds are tenacious and long-lasting. For example, some weed seeds may lie dormant for up to five to 10 years before germinating. The best way to combat these pesky springtime weeds before they emerge is to invest in weed control services like pre-emergent herbicides.

What Are Pre-Emergents?

Pre-emergents are preventative measures used to combat weeds before they can develop in the spring. They are herbicides that are applied before the weeds have a chance to grow, targeting them before they can emerge and take over your lawn. It is important to have weed control services apply this herbicide treatment in the spring to prevent weeds from growing.

How They Work

Pre-emergents are applied to the surface of your lawn, creating a barrier to prevent weeds from growing. Either the weeds will hit the protective barrier and die, or they will die while still underground. Because there are many types of pre-emergents, be sure to consult professional weed control services to find the right herbicide based on your specific lawn type.

When To Apply

The ideal time to apply spring pre-emergents varies depending on the weather in your area. However, the general rule of thumb is to apply as soon as the ground thaws. Waiting too long may hinder the efficiency of the pre-emergent and allow weeds time to germinate. Be sure to check the temperature guides for your region, or consult weed control services to advise you on the best time to apply pre-emergents.

What They Do

Be aware that pre-emergents are not designed to combat or eradicate existing weeds, or weed seeds that are still dormant. Pre-emergents are for seeds that have not yet come up through the soil; the protective barrier created by pre-emergents is ineffective on weeds that have already emerged. Yearly reapplications may also be necessary to combat reoccurring weeds and to prevent dormant weed seeds from emerging.

Pre-emergents are an effective way to prevent weeds from emerging, as they stop the weed growth from penetrating the soil of your lawn. However, there are many types of pre-emergents that need to be mixed and applied correctly to ensure their effectiveness. Contact your local weed control services today to learn more about pre-emergent application.

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